Tiny Arms Revenge

Matching games are coming up with new updated features and cool graphics to satisfy all the players. Come to Tiny Arms Revenge, a brilliant matching game from Gogy free games! It's all about the rampage and journey of a cute little dinosaur in the middle of a pixelated map. You will try to help the dino move through the streets and kill as many humans as possible. The dino will only move forward if you successfully match gems of the same type together.

As the gameplay of an ordinary matching game, there are plenty of different gems, each with different shapes and colors. Choose the right one to make a line of three or more gems. Each level comes with its different objectives which you need to fulfill in order to boost your score. Tiny arms do the dino have, he is pretty potent and can perform a variety of attacks based on the matched icons. For example, if you match a line of fire icons, he will throw some fireballs to destroy the enemies.

It's fun for you to explore the game at http://gogy.games/ thanks to three distinct locations. Also, enjoy the colorful and bright graphics with multiple characters in this game! You can test your observation skills and flexibility. Have fun matching with the tiny arm dinosaur! More games of the same category that you can find are Spindle Online and Pirate Jewel Collapse 

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button to switch the icons.