Jelly Quest Mania

Jelly Quest Mania is all about gathering the similar-typed jellies in a group of three or more in this game of Gogy online 4 kid game! Not only will the players be able to set their hands on this 3-matching puzzle game without a dime but they will also be able to enjoy the latest gaming options with a high-quality graphic design. It's a great option for wasting away boring time, as well as improving the necessary skills for conquering the longest matching game.

Depending on the level that you are on, the difficulty level varies. However, regardless of the difficulty stage, the main goal and objective of the game remain to clear the board with your matching skills. Find the set of three or more jellies with similar themes and colors in these 50 diverse levels filled with plenty of layouts and differences in boosters available. You can utilize the given hints to make the task of clearing the board easier, or feel free to challenge yourself in a level without using any!

The more jellies there are in your line, the higher your combos and boosters will be. Finding the jellies of the same type on the board first will be crucial to rearrange and collecting them. Adjusting the layout and positioning of the jellies base on your tactics and make sure to clear all the objectives and achieve victory before you run out of time or moves.

Pay attention to the move count and clock on the top of the game screen to see how much time you have left. Could you clear the level by using the least moves possible? Free the locked jellies with the first match before matching again to remove them off the board. Get ready for more hilarious and colorful games of puzzles and jigsaws like Idle Robots or Planet Explorer Addition from our website at

Instruction to play:

Click the mouse or use the touchpad to match.