Math Duck

Gogy 4 kid adds another addition with the combination of themes from arcade games and math games for you to spice up your game time a bit. Not only will you be in charge of finding the route that will lead the duck out but you also need to solve the random equation on its path. In this math-puzzle platform game, the faster you manage to solve the problems, the higher your scores will be.

To win each stage with a total of three stars as the reward, you will need to locate the route that you are going to use to reach the exit door first. Keep track of the time using the side panel so that you don't run out of time for each mission. The layout of the equation includes a base and a missing number or equation mark. Your job is to pick the route that bypasses the location of the required item and capture it.

By doing the math, the players will be able to move forward and reach the escape door. Time is of the essence, but so is the precision of the mathematic equation, therefore, do your best to stay focused and calculate correctly. The controlling sets will be easy to learn to make it user-friendly for both adults and kids of all ages.

How many equations will you be able to crack within the short time frame given to each player here at Share your unique tips and ways of solving problems of all types with other online friends so that you can gather more tricks for exploring other styles of playing too! Plenty of new games with diverse genres such as Coin Dozer or Garden Tales 3 will be available for you to explore after this one, so hit them up! 

Instruction to play:

Move the duck using the WASD keys or arrow keys.