Clash Of Skulls

How you deploy your best units and teams will show how you intend to win Clash of Skulls from Gogy 2020! Don't waste any resource trying to block the enemies because there are too many of them. The best way for you is to eliminate your enemies while they are on their way to destroy your base. Finish the enemies one by one along the path and the way into your kingdom, then you can advance with ruining their base as well as the remaining enemies.

With the theme of a classic tower defense game, the players will get to go head to head with the top players from all over the world. Choose your server and battle before participating. Build up your towers and place them along the side of your castle to keep it safe from the rival army. Once the battle starts, your job is to deploy your army and use the tower and the shooters to eliminate the opposing soldiers. The more towers and soldiers you have, the higher the chance you will gain.

Keep an eye on the ammo and the mana statistics at the bottom bars to make sure that you don't run out of the resources. Take advantage of your strengths and the enemy's weaknesses to become the first to combine the strength of your units for the victory title. Pick your unit wisely based on the theme and the aggressive level of the stages that you are going to attend to guarantee your chance of winning!

Different units have different soldiers and mana, therefore, each of them is best suitable for one match only. At, we update the largest collection of daily games for your entertainment such as Heads Mayhem and Elevator Breaking.

Instruction to play:

Choose and place your units using the left mouse.