Stickman Ninja Dash

The herds of enemies are invading your hometown. You, as one of the legendary stickman from Gogy land, will take on the role of an agile ninja. The final mission is to stop the enemy from invading your home by knocking down each and every one of them. They are all armed with knives and kudos, however, your only weapon is your unique skill: Dash.


How will that skill benefit you in the game? By dashing so quickly that they can't even see, you will have the advantage of surprise. Attack them from many different directions and move as fast as you can. They will not see you coming so they can't defend themselves. It's crucial that you clean all the enemies! A note for the new players at is that once an enemy enters your house, the game will be over, which means that you need to focus so as not to let anyone get in.


At the beginning of the game, your stickman will not have any special skills. But as you gain more scores, purchase the special features from the store. These skills will enhance not only your speed but also your power as you attack. Despite the simple graphics, it's fun and colorful enough to draw the attention of players of all ages. Have fun while knocking down the ninjas and continue with more missions in Bouncy Run and Angry Gran Run Miami.

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to make the stickman dash and attack the enemies.