Angry Shark Miami

It's time to start moving around the water body of Miami and find a way to devour any possible items and humans with this new game called Angry Shark Miami! It's a free game with 3D graphics, fast movement, and high-quality resolution to bring the most realistic experience as if you are joining the shark on a real hunt. In the coastal area of Miami, there's an outlandish shark that is trying to conquer the territory and claim any edible species and items.

Only the one with the fastest movements and the best strategy will be able to swim through all waves, destroy anything in the path and claim the territories one by one. If you manage to control this beast when they start losing control and cause damage to more areas, you will be able to gather any ships, humans, items, and scores as you wish in this free game.

Some of the prominent tasks include destroying ships, eating swimmers, hunting down the planes, ships as well as causing havoc, and leave destruction marks anywhere the sharks cross paths. Not only will you have to struggle to survive but you need to also get the losing blood or HPs back before tackling new challenges. If you manage to constantly increase the scores, more beasts under your control shall be unlocked for better damage range!

Keep in mind that the main objective of the whole game is to devour any possible item that shows up randomly when the shark is trying to accumulate the points. Move through 7 seas to target the other sharks and win every possible reward for yourself! 

Instruction to play:

Move, attack, and eat other smaller fishes using the arrow keys, WASD keys, and the spacebar. For tablet and mobile users, use the touch screen or touchpad to control the movements of the sharks.