Beaver Weaver

Emerge in this colorful stitch game of Beaver Weaver online from our Gogy 4 kid collection with more symbolic and beautiful frames with cross-stitch styling. You will get to emerge in the world of stitching games and enjoy the hustle and bustle of solving the stitches' problems. There is a fabulous storyline behind this game that you can explore by the side of the adorable beaver.

The objective for all levels here is to freely embroider colorful frames from scratch, with the aim to recreate the original pictures as given. The techniques for this game will resemble the usual cross-stitch game that you tried out before. All you need to do is to select one stitch by moving your mouse on the canvas to fill in one cell. Memorize the chosen color before starting to fill the rest of the frames.

Then, hold the button and pull it down to fill multiple cells. The key is to make sure that you drag the right button to move the colors along the picture. There will be some boosters available that are useful for your journey. Feel free to utilize them to fill in the frame faster. Colorful pictures are here from the in-game collection so that you can experience great gaming with painting skills.

Our tip for you is to slowly follow the arithmetic tiles to clear out most tiles. Don't miss out on the opportunity to discover the hidden secret in other arcade or puzzle games such as Reckless Tetriz from The art of embroidery will keep you from having to endure a boring game time and let the imaginative mind grow, so hit it up and spread the fun with some friends later! 

Instruction to play:

Click the left button to choose and embroider.