Santa Chase

Start to work your magic and gifts distribution on this adorable pixelated map of the little town where the Santa will help deliver the presents this Christmas season! In this Gogy fun game of Santa Chase, we need the best assistants for the Santa to get his place on the map by going through the paths, picking up the gifts, knocking down the cones without getting hit by the cars.

The street will be crowded with all the different things, the cars, the gifts, the barriers, and so on. Your mission is to complete the tasks in this snowy world and build a long gift train for as long as possible. Escaping the cops will be fun because Santa is traveling with too many gifts. It's a new year's theme game in which the holiday spirit is sprinkled over the snowy world and the cute piles of snow that you find on the path.

First, learn how a mission for one stage can be done by reading through your first task list. There are different types of tasks, ranging from picking up a required number of gifts, specific cones knocked down, or enough car dodging per stage. Not only will you be able to feel the rush of the holiday season but it's also a great theme for kids to have fun.

Thanks to the 2D cute animation and adorable movements of the little characters of the game, the players will have a lovely time moving the Santa up and down. It's a very cute gaming option with fun background music online to uplift your spirit. Control the characters in more games like Find Unique Xmas Tree for the best gaming experience of your life!


Instruction to play:

Controlling keys: Click the left or right side of the screen or use the WASD arrow keys to steer the characters