Ant Art Tycoon

You are an art dealer with a team of 5 skillful ants. The ants will create the most beautiful painting by themselves, but you have to do the selling part. How much money can you gain from Ant Art Tycoon at Gogy arcade game? Your five ants will automatically create the paintings one by one. However, since they have to work from scratch, it will take a while. Once it's done, you can show off your dealing skills by setting a suitable price for it.

This is an interesting relaxation game for the players of all ages thanks to the soothing movements of the ants. If you choose the right price, you can sell the painting and bring in the revenue, which in turn can help to enlarge your team. The more ants you have, the better paintings you can create. How many ants will you be able to get on your team?

The players can enjoy watching these ants making the painting using the dots, colored paint, and their unique movements. The special gameplay and the unique theme have attracted kids of all ages, so come to gogy Games for school to take a look by yourself!

Keep track of the base price, the price change, the bid using the number on the left corner of the screen. It's time to bring out the best of your negotiating skills with more games like and Ben 10 Jumping Challenge

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to choose and interact with the ants.