Apocalypse Truck

In the world after the apocalypse, there will be only one vehicle that can freely roam the places that are filled with zombies and conquer different terrains. Feel free to join this fun driving game of Apocalypse Truck from Gogy kid games where your main task is to control a truck and crash the zombies! In this zombie world, there will be zombies showing up here and there with the goal to take over your vehicle and defeat your team as well.

Be careful as you move through the place and pick up the helpful items to get your car fueled and allow it to move for longer. There will be more and more obstacles showing up as you explore the game, but make sure that you use the coins to purchase updates. These updates are crucial as you need them to buy boosters to either help your car move faster or help it to crash bigger zombies.

Don't miss out on any blocks or boxes laying around. There might be some hidden items inside it, therefore, keep collecting them. Another tip for newcomers is to roam the place slowly at first so that you can get used to the infrastructure and the layout of the place. As you know where to turn, where to stop or go straight ahead, it will be easier to conquer the places and to control your pace.

Keep in mind that two movements that the truck can perform are jumping and moving on the ground only. Steer clear of the spots with bombs, traps, and tons of zombies as you might not be able to get out of there. Extend your journey with more gaming selections such as Mad Day Special or Double Streetfight from our list at http://gogy.games/

Instruction to play:

Use A, D keys or left and right arrows to move the truck, W key or up arrow to jump.