Super Tank War

Super Tank War is all about the ability to choose perfect actions for perfect timings! Think and constantly figure out the key points such as the weaknesses and the routes of enemy bases to win the game and claim the victory title. The storyline of this Gogy arcade game is interesting as many clans or teams are joining on the same battlefield. Dispatch your tanks on time and to the right place on the map to grasp the moments and shoot the enemies. Don't forget that one crucial element for upgrading and purchasing updates is to collect in-game coins scattered around the field.

If you manage to bring home more, there are higher chances of becoming the tank with the highest damage range on the field. The large collection of tanks will be unlocked slowly to create curiosity and increase interesting points in this game. Choose whichever tank models that you would like to fight with and prepare for a long and endured battle! Smooth controls and high-quality graphics will help you to destress after a total of 70 levels. Can you overcome all three types of tanks and seven types of enemy tanks?

When you first hop on the map, your vision is limited due to the close-ranged light spot. Keep moving and find your enemies in the surrounding. Knowing your shooting range will be crucial to avoid being shot at right from the beginning of this game at! If you succeed in the first shot, the sound will attract other enemies toward your direction, therefore, prepare to run or counterattack immediately.

Medkits and boxes filled with items are scattered everywhere, so try to find them before others do. You can pack your collection with some game choices like Sniper Trigger or Angry Shark Miami, all available with a single touch of yours! 

Instruction to play:

Click or tap to choose the tanks and to interact.