Join And Clash 2

A hypercasual game with amazing 3D graphics like Join and Clash 2 will be able to win you over with its addictive gameplay and more levels for exploration. The rule is the same as the first version, however, thanks to the updates, you can go on with a fun marathon and brand new challenges! Do you remember the main task of this Gogy free game?

The players have to overcome the little monsters who captured their friends, defeat them, and reach the place of the boss. The final boss monsters will be very difficult to defeat, therefore, gain strength and learn the techniques along the way. The obstacles are getting harder and more difficult to overcome in this second version. Your friends are trapped in the tiger cages and the longer they stay there, the worse the situation becomes.

You need to quickly reach the destination of the cage, rescue them, and bring them home safely despite a ton of obstacles. The huge monster at the end will be your final challenge. You need your friend's help to defeat it, so don't lose sight of anyone along the way. Moreover, the more you can rescue, the more help you can get. Level up and advance to the more difficult stages for your enjoyment!

This version is funnier, more enjoyable, and better in graphics as well. Each has its charm, but if you are a fan, this version can't be left out. How many monsters will you be able to beat before the clock runs out and the energy bar is empty? Such fun is guaranteed with more games for free from like Escape Out. Pick out some popular options and get on board with us! 

Instruction to play:

Control the character, run and defeat the tigers using the mouse cursor.