Whack The Laptop

Have you played any game that allows you to Whack The Laptop like this one? This is one of the casual game in which the goal is to lash out on some specific items and release your anger. Moreover, you can have fun while overcoming all the challenges at http://gogy.games/. It's time to vent your angry mood! If you have ever experienced hours of work vanishing because of your computer error, it's time for you to revenge!

But first, you need to choose whether you want to break a Window laptop or a Mac laptop. Each laptop has its own features, therefore, for each one, you need to choose the most suitable tools to break them down piece by piece. It's fun to smash the laptop's screen or the blow up the keyboard with your hammer, bat, fire gun and other weapons. There is no time limit on this Gogy online game so you can freely explore all the weapons.

Keep in mind that after you reach the benchmark or the goal, another new weapon will be unlocked. Keep smashing and you can try out better and new weapons with a better damage range. It takes some effort to break down a tough laptop. Will you be able to come up with the most creative ways to play this game? It's also a hand-picked game for players of all ages, just like some other great choices like Poop Clicker 3 and Veggie Slicer. Let's blow some steam now!

Instruction to play:

Choose the weapons and interact with them using the left mouse.