Gunfighter Gunmans Proof

Target the incoming ghosts and henchmen in this game of Gogy land: Gunfighter Gunmans Proof for your top-notch scores. In this fun story, you will find a gunslinger who is enjoying a day out with his fiancée. The players will help him stay safe by shooting at the suspicious guy spying on the couple.

The strange man is targeting his fiancée, therefore, you need to aim and sling the stones to hit him! It's time to awake the fury of the gunslinger so that he can succeed in defeating the henchmen and bring his family back. The gameplay is simple, as you just need to control the movement of the gunslinger and move from the left to the right to dodge. Aim and throw the stones at the opponent using the mouse cursor.

It's not easy as the strange man will keep moving as well, so choose the best timing to throw at him. It would take more than just one hit to defeat him entirely, so stay focused and try to hit as many as possible. Keep moving around to avoid coming into contact with him and get a better view and shot. The standing position will remain on the thin line at the bottom of the screen so all you can do is move toward the left and the right side.

Make sure that you demonstrate your perfect aiming technique and conquer any henchmen showing up on the black and white screen. This new game from has a special minimal graphics of black and white theme, with single line animation to make it unique and fun to play! Come and explore the world of free games that we provide with some options like Red and Blue Stickman Huggy 2!

Instruction to play:

Click A and D keys to move, spacebar to jump, shoot using the left button.