Baby Lily Care

Are you good at taking care of the babies? Show us your ability to multitask while entertaining the girl in the latest Gogy girl game: Baby Lily Care. Our little Lily is getting sick and she feels terrible. Not only is she dirty and sick but she is also hungry. We need you to join and work as the nurse who takes care of our baby girl.

First, start off by giving her a nice and warm bath to clean off the dirt. She might misbehave, therefore, you should prepare her favorite toys to distract her from the bath. After she is all squeaky clean, progress to the next step of curing her disease. She has a fever and red spots are all over her body. You should pick the right potion and medicine to cure the symptoms and decrease her pain.

Now, it's time to feed her some delicious and healthy food like porridge, soup, and milk. Refrain from giving her too many desserts and candies to avoid her being sick again. Such kind of food can also give her stomach ache. At you will have to manage different tasks at the same time since there is a lot of things that you need to prepare for Lily. The last step is to dress her up in the cutest outfit and decorate the perfect room for her.

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Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to interact and move the objects.