Slightly Annoying Traffic

Slightly Annoying Traffic is a fun and exciting traffic management game which is created for fans of gogy 2018 games. You are in the crowded crossroads and you must take up the role of a traffic manager. Your duty is to take care of an intersection of traffic and ensure that all vehicles can cross the intersection safely without crashing.

There are many vehicles on the road and they come from the different sides. The game features many types of means of transport such as the car, truck, ambulance, train and so on. At first, the vehicle comes from one side one by one but after a time, they appear from many sides wave by wave. You have to stop the cars being in danger in their tracks by clicking on individual vehicles at the right time in order not to make an accident in gogy kid games.

Take a look carefully and try to stop each vehicle in a logical place whilst still maintaining a steady flow of traffic. Remember that the timing is essential, so watch the speed of each vehicle and try to anticipate their path. You also have to watch out for the train crossing as your vehicles may smash into an oncoming train. Because the train can’t be stopped, you need to control the approaching cars carefully. Besides, the ambulance can’t be stopped, too. Thus, you must prioritize it.

The game has 2 modes for you to conquer: an endless mode, and a campaign mode with the different tasks for you to carry out. You gain 100 points after each vehicle passes safely. Because the vehicle's numbers are increasing constantly, you must pay the highest attention to conquer this game by managing the intersection effectively and preventing any accidents.

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Instruction to play:

Click the vehicle to make it stop.