Stick War: New Age

The layout of the platform you are exploring on Stick War: New Age - the Gogy online game will be entirely different from the old games! Are you ready to demonstrate your skill sets while exploring this new mission? It's a new fight among the stickman in which you will learn how to dodge the obstacles of spiky balls, either hide or eliminate the enemies, and capture the valuable items.

This game will be a perfect option if you are searching all nook and cranny for intense stick fighting! First, let's get used to your main character of the battle, the armed stickman. You can take advantage of the knife, swords, guns, and other weapons to interact with the other objects or to protect your character from the attack waves. Not only will your fighting skills be tested but the ability to choose the right timing and come up with the best tactics will also be two crucial elements of this game.

Some prominent threats that kids will be going up against in this game shall be the swinging spiky balls that are covered in flames, the rotating blades of wheels, and the moving rocks. The new barriers are changing and upgrading every level, so keep improving yourself to show a better performance.

As long as you get a device connecting to the internet, you can get access to this game or share it with friends and family! In order to conquer a total of 40 episodes in one go, you will need some excellent reflex and interaction techniques. Keep in mind that plenty of games such as Ninja Rian Adventure or Grand Bank: Robbery Duel will be waiting for you in our new category at Improve your gaming approaches daily and spread the fun!

Instruction to play:

Move using the arrow keys, click the left mouse to shoot.