Arkadium Bubble Shooter

The gameplay of Arkadium Bubble Shooter resembles most of the other ball-shooting games that you have had the chance to encounter in the list of games from Gogy 2020 free games, but there're some twists and new challenges that you can look forward to in this version. A ball-shooting game like this one requires more than just correct estimation and direction as this is also about choosing the right timing and the right colored ball to control the grid.

Each level's grid fills with balls of different colors, but their locations are random so it's not easy to gather the same colors. Your job in this one is to use the given colored ball to shoot at the perfect place and diminish the number of balls there. Only by using the same color pieces can you remove the ones on the board.

For example, shoot the red ball to the red cluster and eliminate them all at once. Keep in mind that by collecting and spotting a group of three or more bubbles of the same color, you can choose the place to tackle using the given ball. Time is also of the essence in this game due to the count-down clock on each stage. Use the corners and the walls to bounce off the ball and target the hidden corners of the grid.

Also, if you manage to spot and hit the highlighted bubbles, you will get a chance to clear out the whole line with one swipe. The key point of this game from is to choose the moves well so that you can bring out the best effective ones. Go on with different genres and various themes of games such as Witch Alchemist Saga or Brain Explosion

Instruction to play:

Click and use the mouse to choose and shoot the ball.