Chicken Egg Challenge

Chicken Egg Challenge will be a fun and interesting challenge that you can get your friends on board and compete with each other for the best time! It's a thrilling and fast-paced game from Gogy 2022 online game in which you get to test your quick finger movement when it comes to pushing the eggs out to fill the basket. Multiple selections are depending on how confident you are in your quick move.

Feel free to pick from the choices of 30 seconds, 40, or 60 seconds that will be your time limit to hit the required number of eggs on the screen. The goal of all stages is to make sure that you fill the basket with a total of 10 eggs. However, what's difficult about this game is the number of clicks that it takes to push one egg out. The first player to fill the basket shall be the first one to claim the winning title.

There is a bet showing on the screen before your turn starts, it shall indicate what you will have to do if you lose. Try your best to win if you don't want to do some crazy things like doing a chicken dance, smelling your friends' socks, eating a big chunk of onion, or some strange bet that the game comes up.

Moreover, this game allows up to three players to join simutaneously, which means that you can gather some of your friends and make it a blasting game time! Online games such as Super Villainy from the list of Gogy online are all very cool with a unique mechanism, rules, and the best graphics that kids of all ages can immerse in.

Instruction to play:

Player 1 plays using the J key,

Player 2 plays with the W key,

Player 3 plays with the up arrow.