Super Plumber

In order to bring back the water line for the city, you need to solve the problem with its pipelines and broken water network. Transform into the hero that the citizens in this Gogy puzzle game are looking forward to Super Plumber! The ultimate mission for you is to fix the damaged lines of pipe that play the role of delivering water to the houses. To ensure the only urban water supply, spot the broken parts, and fix them before it's too late.

This game comes in the form of a classic puzzle game where each stage provides a new map of pipes. The time will be limited, therefore, make your moves smartly and quickly. Observe the situation and come up with the choices to rotate some chosen pipe segments with the goal to make the end of the first line to connect with the next one. Once the whole line is connected and secure, the water will start flowing through it.

However, if you fail to connect those pieces before the water starts leaking, there will be an explosion everywhere. Use the given arrow in this game at Gogy logic games 2020 to guarantee that all pipes are facing the right direction before starting arranging. Take a thorough observation to come up with your strategy first. Only by doing so will you be able to prevent any segment from steering away from the overall structure and avoid wasting more time.

At the puzzle will get more and more challenging to increase the difficulty range of the game. Conquer a total of 30 different sets and gather your friends to explore the vast collection of puzzles and quizzes such as Walk Master and Greedy Rabbit 2. Let's see how good your problem-solving skills and brainstorming skills are! 

Instruction to play:

Click on the pipes using the left mouse to rotate the shape.