Graffiti Time

For the fans of arcade games, this new gaming option with the name Graffiti Time has been brought to the free game list here at Gogy land! Emerge in the free gaming world where you can control the character to dash through different themes, explore different parts of the city, and navigate to showcase your skills with graffiti! As Mr. Fat Cap is starting his journey through the universe to paint graffiti, you will be the trusty assistant in the quest to search for new objects for painting on.

Sneak through the streets, and choose the part with the best canvas for a graffiti artist to demonstrate the ideas. In order to conquer the game, you need to complete all challenges by making pieces and tags according to the requirements. Keep an eye out for the roaming robots who are out to catch the vandal on the streets and you will be just fine. It's time to share your painting and make the street turn beautiful again.

The character can move to both sides and double-jump for higher blocks. Are you ready to ace the mini cruiser board with a variety of kickflips and performances that will give you extra money? Tackle this skateboarding trip and emerge in one of the best-animated games for kids here!

Plenty of mini-games are added daily to keep your experience refreshing every time you log in. Don't forget that this game is easy for you to play on both PC and mobile, therefore, dive into the free game anytime that you have an internet connection. Spread the fun theme of this graffiti game to your friends and family before trying out some more fabulous games like Clear The Island from the gaming list at!

Instruction to play:

Move the character using your arrow keys.

Use the C key or click the left mouse button to paint.