Rope Man Rush 3D

Rope Man Run 3D brings a new version of the arcade game which will definitely test your ability to scout the area and conquer all the ropes available! The goal of this Gogy new game 4 kids is to keep making the rope man bigger and bigger. Don't let the resources of rope run out or else he will shrink and disappear from the race track. You will start a running challenge on this platform using your skillful running skill to not only avoid the obstacles but also to gather the items.

Some ropes have different colors, ranging from blue, red, and yellow. The color of your character at the beginning of the game will be the main color that you need to gather. For example, if you collect pink ropes while your character's main color is blue, the collected pink pieces will not be considered helpful.

There is a bar on the left side of the screen to show you the remaining energy of the rope man. If the bar runs out, you will have no chance left to continue the journey. In order to clear the final goal of collecting the most colored ropes within the shortest time frame, do your best to survive this circular platform!

This interesting game genre will no doubt spice up your playtime on the website of gogy games, along with some brand new games like Run Fighter Girl for free! Enjoy the intuitive interface with 3D graphics for a realistic experience and smooth transition. The control key set is so easy that even newbies and little kids can grasp the rules and the basics quickly! Keep exploring the free gaming world and select the games that catch your eyes the most! 

Instruction to play:

Click and move the character by dragging the mouse.