Sheep N Sheep

Showcase your quick observation and the fastest eye-hand coordination in this Sheep N Sheep where only the best players will be able to crack the daily challenges between multiple players. Thanks to the addictive gameplay, only a small percentage of players will be able to crack the highest record of the game within a short time frame. There is a variety of challenges as well as game modes in the in-game choices.

You can pick from the classic levels to the daily challenges. Not only is the gameplay easy and basic but you can also advance further in more casual competition online. Get into this brainstorming session where the players need to fulfill the group of blank tiles at the bottom of the game screen within the shortest time record. Challenge yourself with the dual mode for more advanced gameplay. We recommend that players experience with more diverse style of gaming and channel your unique method of cracking these matching missions.

The final purpose for all stages will be to match three or more identical tiles among the bunch. If a tile is overlapped or crossed over by some other, it cannot be chosen for matching. Work your way from the top to the bottom of the board and eliminate as many as possible within your chosen time. Higher stages bring higher risks and more tiles to crack.

Don't forget to utilize your given set of hints, boosters, and supporting items on the panel. These will support your progress and push the speed of completing to higher and harder levels. Other similar-themed and equally-addictive games such as Bubble Block Breaker will be the next option that you can explore here at the site of gogy games. A world filled with plenty of games in various genres for kids will be waiting for you!

Controls: Click to move the tiles.

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse to use wood carving tools