Minigolf Master

In the world of minigolf from Gogy online 2020, we give you the ultimate chance to train the most basic golf skills and become a minigolf master. Only by practicing can you reach the highest level of expert in this game. There are many levels in Minigolf Master for you to enjoy through the play time. Every level has its own goal which has already been set at the beginning of the game, therefore, the players need to keep up with the increasing difficulty levels.

If you complete the challenge in one level, the next level will be unlocked immediately for further exploration. Depending on the holes, the distance will be different, which means that you have to utilize different techniques to make it. Also, learn and practice the way to swing properly. It's very important to choose the right direction with the correct force and take all other factors into consideration. What will you do if the wind might affect your hit?

Here at you will get yourself familiar with these features available in a fun minigolf game. After this game, you can easily beat your friend in a game of minigolf in real life!

Try out other sports games like Knife Smash and Golf Royable as well! There is no restriction on time, so be very careful with each hit. It takes a good observation skill to measure the distance, amazing estimation techniques to pick the direction and force, along with steady hands movement. Come to have fun now! 

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to play the game.