Speed Brazil

Speed up to match the high speed of other players in Speed Brazil, the Gogy car game with 3D design and tons of new car models. Not only will you get to show off your ability to drift, roam, speed up and pass by other players but you can also unlock the latest models of cars. We welcome the racers of all ages and countries to join this thrilling game for free!

First, get to know the terrain and the tracks that you will race on by checking out the list of track models in order to know the shape of them. Pay attention to the curves and special places for later. Once you join the race, stay focus so as to speed up at the right timing around different tracks. This will be the best way to bypass and beat your opponent.

The control keys are pretty much the same as other cars games, but you need some time to get used to some other features of the game. Don't forget to check the Stat and Leaderboard after each race to see which place you are at. The ranking is decided based on your finishing time, the number of crashes, your position at the finish line and more factors.

With your amazing driving techniques, we guarantee that you will enjoy the thrill and adrenaline rush of dashing through this racing game at http://gogy.games/! Entertain yourself with other good car games like Hill Drift 3D and Trash Truck Simulator as well. 

Instruction to play:

WASD or arrows to drive the car.

Left click to shift and use the turbo.

Spacebar for handbrake.