Mad Day Special

Another session of alien invasion is coming in this epic game of Mad Day Special from Gogy online game. We need you to join forces in order to make sure that our Earth team will win this race and manage to rescue the little Fluffy. If you let the alien escape, there will be no chance left to save our cute octopus anymore. Keep shooting and jump when it's time to aim precisely at the alien's vehicles.

Not only is this a combination of racing and shooting games but it's also a level-based game, which means that you can take the time to discover the levels one by one. Some of the updates that are available in this game will be the car models, weapons, guns, amour for the main characters, and clothing as well. To quickly beat the bad guys, the two most crucial elements shall be speed and accuracy. Your aim should be the alien's lasers so that you can conquer the mision of diminishing their firepower.

Once you manage to select your aim correctly, start blasting your bullet at the rocket launcher to help your vehicle overcome hills and smash through walls. Don't forget another mission of eliminating the aliens driving the cars before moving onto the next levels. From colorful graphics, pretty design, and the latest models of trucks for upgrading, the game will bring the best experience for the fans of racing games.

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Instruction to play:

Jump using the spacebar, X key, or up arrow to shoot the rockets.