Cheesy Wars

Join the cheesiest game in Gogy online games with the aliens from the outer space. All you need to win this game is to defend your precious cheese from the invaders from the space. The mice will come in herds to try to steal your delicious cheese. You just need to defeat the mice one by one. However, if there are too many mice, it's time to use stronger items to defend your cheese!


Some large weapons will take some time to reload. In the meantime, keep pushing the other mice out of the cheese to protect it. As long as you keep up with the requirement, you can move on to the next levels. Don't forget to collect diamonds to become more powerful. If you manage to gain diamonds, the extra score will be worth the effort! Moreover, on some special levels, you should utilize the landmine to blow up more mice.


Bear in mind that they will take a while to recharge so you will have to calculate carefully to make the right judgment for each situation. Also, use the extra weapon like the dash to maximize the damage range as well. In this game at, it's all about the ability to reflex and to move under the pressure of being attacked. Can you overcome these monsters and win the Cheesy Wars? Take a shot with some other fun games like Jump Ball Blast Online and Duck Life 2

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse to remove the mice and use the weapons.