Guess My Sketch

Guess My Sketch is the latest new generation of interactive games in which the kids can freely have fun with online friends in real-time interaction. The core of this Gogy 2022 game allows more than one person to join at a time, and it will be fun nonetheless of the number of players. What you will do depends on which role you are assigned. The players take turns to be the sketcher and the guesser.

There will be only one sketcher at a time, however, there might be more than one guesser. Keep in mind that the sketcher will have to draw up the given word in a way that the others can guess it correctly. Think quickly because the time is running out. If you are a guesser, do your best to input the precise words that the sketcher is trying to demonstrate. Is it an animal, a vehicle, a random object, or a badly drawn one?

For each correct guess, the guesser will gain some scores. The difficulty of this game is that sometimes you have to deal with a badly drawn sketcher which makes it harder to come up with what he or she is trying to put on. There are some rewarded videos that you can watch to earn more coins as well.

A total of up to ten friends can join the same private server so make sure to share with your friends as well. It's a fun online game with a smooth interaction so you will not be interrupted during your fun drawing session here at! Spice up the basket of your best games with these new additions like Snake Io War or Super Chicken Fly!


Instruction to play:

Draw using the mouse cursor or the mobile touchpad, guess by typing on the keyboard.