Road Of Rampage

Can you survive in a world filled with waste in the setting of post-apocalyptic? If your type of game is the one that combines both shooting and driving, Road Of Rampage might be a perfect choice for this playtime at Gogy land! Enemies in this game attack you and your car constantly. They come in waves with the increasing damage range and firepower.

In order to survive for the longest time and for the most waves, the players are required to take down all the enemies in the easy waves and then move onto the higher stages. All you have is your trusty car with a blasting gun on top. The gun's firepower is limited yet the enemies will keep coming, therefore, it's very important that you visit the store at to buy more updates, bonuses and extra parts to make your car more powerful.

Also, pay special attention to two bars on the left side of the screen: the energy bar and the hit bar. As you defeat more enemies, the hit bar fills out. But if you are hit with the other player's bullets, your energy bar will slowly run out. To survive the rampaging war, you need to gather the boosters while driving such as the repair balloons, the airstrike, and the shield.

Each of them has its own function which can be beneficial to your record. Eliminate the most enemies and survive the longest to be able to write the name on the record board! Check out other racing games like Taxi Driver and Real Impossible Track for more unique theme and cars! 

Instruction to play:

Drive with arrow keys.