Your aim in the is to collect gems and dominate other players. You move around the map, spin and clear all the crystal gems on the surface. The more gems you collect, the more points you get and the stronger you become. But, as you progress in the game, your target is no longer just the gems. Then, you can destroy other smaller spinners. The mass of a killed spinner is as powerful as a lot of gems, so it’s worth trying to kill it.


Here at Gogy free online, there is no shortage of gems but there is a huge number of rivals who want to become the champion. You should know that other players whose spinners are bigger than yours are also trying to kill you. Thus, watch your step and be patient or you have to start from scratch! You need time to accumulate strength for the future fight.


On the game arena, you can earn accelerated magnets which will boost the speed of the spinner and help you progress faster. Do your best to survive the longest time possible and climb the rankings! Good luck and have fun! Want to try similar games? Here are some recommendations for you: and Check out our site and you can find new fun games every day!

Instruction to play:

How to play?

Use your mouse to move and spin your mega spinner and press left mouse button to speed up.