Halloween Puzzle Game

The spooky theme of this Halloween puzzle game will spice up the experience of yours in this cool occasion of the year. Come to the world of the game in Gogy free games for kids to take part in this beautiful game! You can look forward to a friendly vibe, a vibrant palette of orange and black that you usually find in the Halloween decoration, and an intuitive interface.

A total of 4 difficulty levels will be embedded in each picture so that the players can choose to go with the one that is suitable the most. If you are a new player, you can go with 16 pieces or 36 pieces, and get used to the rules as well as the arrangement of the game before advancing to the 64 and 100 pieces options. The more pieces there are, the longer it might take and much harder to complete, so consider your range and pick wisely. You can go from the easy to the hard mode to slowly improve your skills with this genre of puzzle games. One of the highlights of this game from http://gogy.games/ is the intuitive interface and the interactive option to help you out.

First, pick one from the three beautiful Halloween images that are given out. Once you have set on one, pick how many pieces for the puzzle. Try to learn the placement of the pieces by heart before they got scrambled. There will be two supportive buttons at the bottom of the page to help you out in case you're stuck. Use one button to put the pieces back to their correct state and the other to open the original picture in the background.

Also, this game updates with the replay option on the top corner of the screen. Feel free to try out new pictures and different game modes since there's no limitation on the other games like Millionaire Quiz HD

Instruction to play:

Click and drag the left mouse button to move the pieces.