Giant Wanted

Giant Wanted - the latest gaming option from Gogy 2023 is all about shooting precisely at your targets with limited time as they appear on the map. You will get to experience the work of a sniper hero. The final mission is to utilize your sniper rifle and shoot down the giants to keep your home safe! To beat all the giants, first, you need to understand how these quantities of guns work.

Each type of weapon comes with a specific way to monitor and operate, so learn the basics before starting to work on them. The giants are coming to capture your planet, so prepare to control your lines of shooting canons to prevent this infiltrating scheme. Once you participated in the game, you will get full control permissions for the canon. Learn how to adjust the shooting angle, manage the shooting time, and use the most powerful and destructive bullets from the high-energy sniper rifle.

These functions are helpful to overcome many obstacles at the same time. Concentrate on the targets before shooting and roll the game with its specific operation. Some prominent tasks that you will be conquering will be direction changing, slide aiming, bullet shooting, and managing the number of ammo. Keep an eye on the stats on the screen to keep track of the match's progress, bullet count, giant defeated, and number to come.

The players who tend to win this game faster will have better arrangement skills, good time and ammo management, and great reflexes. Let's dive into this online gaming world to defeat the giants before they become the owner of your land! Keep exploring the gaming selection at to find out which other genres of games will be your cup of tea. Don't hesitate to try out some of our famous options like Over Rooftops!

Instruction to play:

Click to control the direction and the force of the canon.