Tap Candy Sweets Clicker

As the owner of Tap Candy Sweets Clicker, you have to maintain the daily work of this chain of production where the best candies of all types are produced daily to satisfy the request of parents and their children. If you are good at managing a huge production line while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction, this game from Gogy girl games shall be your perfect selection.

Not only is it a chance for the candy artisan to shine in the kitchen but it's also a platform for businessmen and women to enhance their techniques. Your job starts as soon as a new customer is coming into the store. Start tapping as fast as you can on the machine that generates candies and make them work without stopping. Pay attention to the overall progress and the flavor of the candies to make sure that you can fulfill the request of the customers.

Don't forget that like any other game in http://gogy.games/, this one also comes with the option of selecting and upgrading using the gained scores. Purchase new boosters, hire more staff, buy more kitchen gadgets to improve your capacity as well as the quality of the candies. The faster you tap the better! Let's transform into other characters and other roles in more cooking games like From Nerd To Fab: Prom Edition and Country Girl City Girl to enhance your knowledge! 

Instruction to play:

Click and drag the mouse to interact with the customers and to make candies