Daddy Rabbit

Daddy Rabbit is a dark and unique game of interactive gaming selection with special rules and strange themes. You will follow the steps of the daddy rabbit in the quest to gather his babies on the path. It comes with a mysterious and dark graphic style as well as a dark color palette to make the vibe of the game stand out. To be the one who can carry on with the journey, you will need to help the daddy rabbit to move from one place to another and attract his lost babies.

They get angry if you interrupt their sleep suddenly, therefore, move gently and make sure to check as many burrows as possible. The bunnies tend to hide inside the burrow, and they also fall asleep very easily. If awaken abruptly, these bunnies will cry out loud and make them the new targets of the zombies. In that case, another task of yours in this game from Gogy online game 4 kids is to defeat the zombies and keep your herd safe and sound.

Make sure to avoid wandering off too far from the slow-moving bunnies while searching for the location of the others. The evil zombies will get close to the noisy ones, therefore, use the carrot punches on time to steer them away from your little kids! If you need another defensive method that is more efficient, go with the carrot shots!

When you find the new and additional items on the way, feel free to check them out to find out if they can be helpful for upgrading and increasing the strength or the coverage. Keep on going with more adventures such as PAPER.IO 2 from the list at in which the loveliest characters await!

Instruction to play:

Instructions: Control the daddy rabbit using AWSD or arrows, shoot carrot using the space bar.