Ultimate Chess

Only the best features are attached to this new Gogy game which you can play for free! Learn some of the most impressive moves in a chess match of Ultimate Chess. Do you know that there are limitless possible moves that you can make in a match like this? It's time to learn from your friend's moves in a 2 player-mode match or go up against the smart AI for the best challenges! Your job in this game is to checkmate your opponent using the technique and smart moves throughout the game.

Don't let the opponent push your queen or king into the corner or else you will lose. By brainstorming through each move, the players can develop the intellect needed to conquer one of the most beautiful chess games at http://gogy.games/. Don't worry about the difficulty of this game. We have a total ò 4 different difficulty levels against the computer so that even beginners can enjoy it wholeheartedly.

For the first level, green is defined as the easiest. It will increase until it reaches level 4 with the color red as the hardest. Can you conquer all of the matches in these levels? Even better, this time, you get to choose to play on an 8x8 or 6x6 board, which include the customization features of the game.

Prepare yourself for both 3D and 2D point of view right here as well! You are welcomed to check out more free puzzle games like Yahtzee and Sudoku on our website. 

Instruction to play:

Use the keyboard to play and interact.