Conquer The City

Conquer The City is the new gaming option for kids of all ages to learn how to manage both the direction of the flow and the layout on the same board. It's another simple yet elaborate puzzle game from Gogy 2022 with unique gameplay. Not only will your ability to deal with many connections and buildings be enhanced but the game also allows you to defend your base from the new invasions.

The key task of this game will be to simply conquer cities with different colors scattering on the board. There will be more than three buildings per level that you need to establish connections. While learning how to build up the strings, keep in mind that you can complete the levels once all the cities showing up on the map turn blue. Each building comes with its number of soldiers inside, which is shown by the display number on top of the building.

Once connected to another, the soldiers will automatically distribute and scatter to make sure that the force is distributed properly. The way to start creating new connections between the buildings that you want is to simply slide your finger among the two that you choose, and slide again throughout the lines to disconnect.

Tons of tips and hints are available for you to discover and utilize in this game from, so make sure to take advantage of them wisely. Bear in mind that if you manage to create a triangle-pieces connection, you will be able to shoot double attacks. Meanwhile, the round ones represent double supporters and increase the defensive strength for your troops. Come to explore tons of genres and sub-genres from the long list of newly updated games such as Block Branches ! 

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse cursor to connect or disconnect the buildings.