Onet Number

Onet Number has a gameplay that is almost similar to the classic Pikachu matching game that you used to play. However, more than just a matching tile game with images, this game will also test your ability to recognize and pair the numbers! Use both the left and right sides of the brain to conquer this as fast as possible!

The rule is to match all the pairs of number tiles on the board within the given time, without failing or overusing the time. You need to search for two tiles with a similar number written on them and their positions are near. If you can connect these two tiles using three or fewer line breaks, they can be paired up and removed off the board!

The number list runs from 1 to 21, so be patient and go for the pairs that are next to each other or close by. We also recommend that the newbies try to break down the pair on the edge and the rim of the board first, then open up the path and make the way to the pair in the center. It's a fun and brain-training game for kids who love puzzles and problem-solving.

Of course, the faster you manage to conquer the whole board, the more scores you are given as the final result. There will be a new board popping up for you to continue the fun after you have finished this one, so feel free to dive into this game and have hours of puzzling! The colorful and vivid image and graphic design from the game collection at gogy games will be enjoyable and eye-catching, so hit up more games like Catwalk Battle for the ultimate gaming experience!

Instruction to play:

How to play: Click on the two similar tiles to match.