Cannon Minimal

Gogy new game collection brings back the simplest yet incredibly challenging game of Cannon Minimal where the players get to demonstrate their talents when it comes to hitting and aiming. All you need to do is to use your perfect aiming skill to make sure that the ball goes to the position that it needs to. This amazing game contains more than 20 levels, each with a different layout and distance between the cannon and the basket.

Your ultimate goal remains unchanged, which is to hit the cannonball at the basket no matter how far it is. It's not easy to achieve this objective of the game as the task of putting the ball into the basket requires lots of specialties to aim and estimate correctly. Choose the direction that you think is possible to make the score and hold to choose the force that you want to push the ball.

The sensitive control set will require the players to learn how to choose the most precise force or direction when it comes to hitting the faraway baskets. There's no limitation on how many balls you can use at first, however, the higher levels require more effort to aim correctly. Your estimation skills will get to shine here in this game at!

Which rank can you get among these competitive and great players from all around the world? Enjoy the minimalism in design and display to make your gaming time a better experience, and share it with friends and family to spice up the challenge even more! Keep the fun time going with plenty of games such as Squid Mahjong Connect 2 or Fruits Link Match 3, all available for free to all boys and girls! 

Instruction to play:

Use the left or right arrow to aim the cannon and control its direction.

Use the button on the right to shoot. Hold to charge power and release to shoot.