Galaxy Fight Multiplayer

Galaxy Fight Multiplayer is the addictive third-person shooting game which is playable gogy best games for free. The world is threatened by an army of aliens. They are going to destroy and rule the world. Thus, you are put into the boots of an elite soldier from earth and it is your mission to protect the planet from an invasion of terrifying alien monsters. You must act fast and be careful in order to complete your task.

Before playing, choose one of 2 mode: single player mode in which you will fight against the artificial intelligence and multiplayer mode where you compete with many other gamers. Then, you can create your own room with your own purpose. Select your number of bots such as 2,4, 6, or 8 and choose the maps between Anubis and Exodus Planet. After that, click one of 2 modes: Waves or Survival in gogy shooting games.

The opponents are coming wave by wave from many sides, so you must be careful and take a careful look at the whole map. You possess a gun, use it to attack your enemies by shooting at them. The foes are the huge monster and they are so strong that you can’t defeat them with one shot. We features you many types of weapons but many of them are available and the others need you to gain money as well as experiences to unlock. Remmember not to let the monsters hit you with their powerful attacks.

The peace of the world depends on you. Try your best to save the world!

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Instruction to play:

WASD or arrow keys: movement

E and Q: switch weapons

LMB: shoot

RMB: aim    

C: crouch

Space bar: jump