Mini Ninja

From Gogy land, a brand new gaming selection with the cute 2D arcade-typed of graphics, easy to understand rules, and free of interruption called Mini Ninja has just been added to spice up the world of free games. You will get addicted to this game in no time due to the fact that the gameplay is so simple yet very alluring for newcomers. As the players start the game, they will control the adorable mini ninja in a vertical platform. The ninja will keep moving constantly, and you are in charge of helping him changing the lanes to capture the coins and avoid the ghosts.

These ghosts show up randomly and unexpectedly to make it harder for the players to move to the other side. There will be a bar on the top of the game screen to show the progress and the distance that your character has managed to come. Staying alert at all times is the key to winning with flying scores in this game from, besides showing off the perfect reflexes.

Experience the new generation of high-quality graphics that are eye-catching and lovely to see for a long time. Do you know that we have more games like this such as Donut Crash Saga and Summer Brick Out that are displayed for free? Take a visit and dive into the free world of fun games! 

Instruction to play:

Click and drag the mouse or use the arrow keys to control the movements of the ninja.