Hidden Objects Superthief

In this fabulous 2D with beautiful virtual graphics, Hidden Objects Superthief will test your ability to roam and search up the mansions, museums, galleries and ateliers in the rich city. Here, you will have the chance to steal mysterious remains and rare artifacts from those prestigious locations from Gogy land. Your task is to accompany Mrs. Smith in the mission of locating the hidden objects according to the shape and the list of them. Since there are so many of the invaluable, prepare yourself to search all nook and cranny!

Find them base on the brim of the shape of each item, which is shown at the bottom of the game screen. The more items that you can find, the more opportunities that you can satisfy the clients and earn the highest reputation! Passing to the next levels using the high reputation, three golden stars, and unlock the new sceneries for your game. Side jobs will start to show up once you have enough skills and reach higher levels.

Pay attention to the bonuses and the extra equipment so that you can extend your range and maximize the scope of the search. Once the scenes change, the layout of the map and the difficulty will increase as well. Time is also of the essence since the faster you find the objects on the list, the higher your final scores will be. The players can always use the hints for support in case they hit a dead end.

Since the reputation is star-based, keep trying to master the scenes and increase the mastery as well as stacking the stars! We have more games like Popcorn Box and Heist Run that are from our largest collection in http://gogy.games/ where your playtime never ends! 

Instruction to play:

Click to select the item or use the hints, double click to zoom in.