True and False Math Game

The tasks in this True And False Math Game are not easy at all due to the time pressure and the increasing complicated levels of the formula. If you enjoy doing math fast, this Gogy 2021 free game will be a good option for you to dive into the education gaming section. Not only is it a new game for boys and girls of all ages but it also has quite a fast pace to test your level in gaming.

The goal is to successfully clear all the quizzes showing up on the screen with different complexity levels. The math calculations go from easier ones with only multiplying, subtracting, adding, to the harder ones with many coordinating together. To win it, you need to check to see if the showing calculation is correct or not. Once you have decided on this, click on the left or right buttons with the wrong or right icons respectively that suit your answer.

If you manage to get tons of right answers consecutively, the game's high scores are yours for sure! The tough part of this game from is that the hard math questions pop up very quickly! There will be a time bar to show the time limit for each formula. You only have the shown time and it will decrease to make the game more and more formidable.

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Instruction to play:

How to play: Click on the left or right button on the screen to pick the answers.