Pingu And Friends

This cute penguin and his friends live a happy life in this forest at Gogy land, but this winter, the wind has become much worse. This time, they need to go to a higher place to avoid this harsh cold. Will you help this group of friends to find the warmest place in a new game: Pingu And Friends? There will be many platforms in each setting. Your job is to help the character jump up on the right platform and keep balance as they stand on it.

It's all about choosing the right moment to jump and estimate the timing correctly. Some of the platforms will move toward the place that Pingu is standing. If you fail to jump on them, you will be pushed and the game is over. Can you see some floating gold eggs? These eggs are valuable and they will change the feature of Pingu or give you more scores. All in all, try your best to jump and gather these eggs. However, keep in mind that you need to keep jumping as the platforms will move constantly. Stack up as many blocks as needed to get to the location of the eggs.

The game has an endless theme which means that it only ends when you fail to jump on the right blocks. Let's gather some friends as well and compete to see how high each of you can go! Other clicking games that you can try out are Tiny Arms Revenge and Jelly Merger at

Instruction to play:

Click or tap on the screen to jump on the next blocks.