Gold Miner 4

In Gold Miner 4 at Gogy puzzle games, we bring a perfect choice for the relaxing playtime with a simple yet thrilling type of gameplay. While emerging in the HTML set, you need to complete the ultimate goal of collecting all the valuable items. There are nuggets and jewels scattered on the floor in the level, so use the best of your ability to gather them.

Each player starts the game with his own claw that can subtract and release. As the claw swings from one place to another in the circular motion, you need to pick the most perfect timing to release it. A tip for the beginners at is to release a few seconds beforehand since it takes that much time to reach the target, depending on the length and the distance between them.

Also, beware of the obstacles such as bombs, explosives and avoid barrels with gunpowder since they will blow the whole set off. If you touch any gunpowder barrel, it's possible that all the nuggets and jewels nearby will disappear as well. The players need to finish each level within the time range, therefore, don't waste any turn. Also, the tasks vary depending on each level, which means that you need to know the requirements specified for each stage before jumping into the game.

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Instruction to play:

Tap on the screen or use mouse interaction.