Dr Octopus Darkling

Amidst the dangers of this forest of darkness at Gogy arcade games, the main character from Dr. Octopus Darkling needs your help to find the shortest path to get out of this maze. This will easily become one of your favorites from the arcade basket as it has multiple types of challenges, a great pixelated graphic design, and tons of newly updated monsters.

The path to get out will be quite dark and filled with enemies from everywhere, but as long as you manage to steer clear of the poison water, you will be just fine! Look for the way to move from the first checkpoint to the furthest by jumping over your enemies, crushing them, or dodging their attacks. There will be quite some obstacles that prevent you from reaching the destination in one turn, so use all the character's lives wisely.

While crossing the gaps, beware of the poison water below and don't fall. Keep expanding your range of action and scale with this exploring theme and you can freely use new techniques like jumping higher and breaking the walls to collect the energy. Don't forget that there are a bunch of items and facilitation from the stores at https://gogy.games/, check them out! Despite countless obstacles, the flag at the destination will fly high as a remark for your victory!

This dark and mysterious forest welcomes all the bravest fighters to tackle them and conquer all the quests! Go for tons of other adventure games with similar themes like Funny Birds Pop It Jigsaw or Blue Ball. There is no limitation on how creative you can be with your gameplay, so come up with the smartest way to overcome any problems that come your way. How many scores will you be able to record with just one try?


Instruction to play:

Controlling keys: Move using the arrow or W, A, S, D keys.