Fall Days

Fall Days - the new Gogy 2021 game - includes tons of different courses consisting of obstacles, blocks, fast-moving opponents, and a colorful graphic. There are a bunch of opponents dressing in colorful costumes and have different accessories to distinguish from one another. However, while you are racing with 10-30 other players, it'll still be quite a challenge to get the first position.

Let us guide you through the platform and the rules of this race. You will purchase the costumes and change to a unique image before heading to a race. Once it starts, move along the platform, jump over the blocks and try to get ahead of others. The map will change with more obstacles and different boosters to increase the challenging level and the urge to conquer them all!

A total of 10 different maps with different layouts and sets of opponents will make each race unique for the players. If you manage to land the top spots or top 10 in more levels, you will have more coins to purchase plenty of costumes and accessories that you wish to buy from the store at http://gogy.games/. It's the free world for the racer to do many tricks and tips in order to overcome the others so show us how you will roll this race! Changing your image from time to time to make your character stand out among the bunch and keep the game interesting.

How many items will you be able to stack in your collection? Let's try to gather all 20 costumes and bring them on more races! We would like to introduce more games for your enjoyment, ranging from simple themes like Lab Escape Online to the harder genre such as Samurai Flash

Instruction to play:

Use WASD or ZQSD to control the character or use the mouse cursor.