Pig Escape

It's not easy to conquer two tasks of reaching the holes for exit and collecting stars here in the game of Pig Escape from Gogy 2021 free games! The target will be to succeed at a total of 25 levels without failing, so start learning the basics to master it! As you assist the little pink pig on the way to reach the exit doors of all stages, it's best to jump from base to base using the given momentum.

 You can choose the direction and the force to shoot the pig when you are at the base, however, once you have left, it's up to the gravity entirely. Steer clear of spikes, blocks, and obstacles on your journey to collect stars and defusing the challenges! A tough part of this game is that only by capturing the star will you be able to open up the hole.

This hole is the only way to There are 25 levels and try to pass them all. The game records your wasted time, therefore, go ahead and learn how to use the least steps with the best results for an efficient win. It's an arcade game that kids of all ages can dominance as well as enjoy the sliding screen for arcade platforms.

Keep out for the new enemies that show upper new stage, and get out of the way without being crushed by any of the sharp blades, spiky wheels, holes, and jungle monsters. Feel free to grab some of your friends who can spare some free time for more enjoyable and thrilling combinations of puzzles and arcade games such as Match Missing Pieces from the website of gogy games!

Instruction to play:

Controlling keys: Use a mouse and drag to aim and shoot the pig from bases to bases. You can also use the finger and slide on the screen for tablets and mobiles.