Parkour Block 3D

Parkour Block 3D targets the new kids on the block in Gogy online who are looking for a challenge with a realistic parkour platform that doesn't require leaving the house! This skill game will include a lot of new blocks and platforms as well as an assistant for you to deliver the best stunts. However, it all comes down to your skills and movement as a true professional in parkour!

It's a first-person gaming option, which means that you will be moving in a perspective just similar to the real one. Move through the levels and jump from blocks to blocks to win the top ranks! The master in skills will be helpful for you in not only gaining high scores but also makes you the one with the best performance. In this classic mode, you can go through varied mechanics and get to showcase your talents when it comes to interactive games.

There is a total of 35 levels, each with its unique layout and mapping for the most exciting new experience. Your parkour experience waits for you alongside other cool games like Bobby Horse Makeover from our free gaming collection online at!

At first, you might haven't gotten used to the mechanism and the controlling keys of this game, therefore, feel free to try out the movements for a few times before making any real moves. The mouse cursor will be hidden so that your mouse can be used as a navigation for the character, so remember that you can click Esc to turn back to the mouse anytime. Get your friends on this game as well for a fair competition! How far can you parkour without falling down the holes?

Instruction to play:

Controls: Jump using the space key, WASD to move, shift to run, or use the mouse to navigate.