Hero Telekinesis

Your telekinesis ability in this game Hero Telekinesis from Gogy simulation game will be the best asset when it comes to the gameplay of realistic physics of object interaction. As long as you can take advantage of it well, there are high chances that you can wipe out every enemy and keep your hero intact. The power allows your main character to not only influence physical objects and control them using thought but it's also a way to make weapons turn to the enemy automatically.

One of the most important tasks of this shooting game is to aim, but let's not forget about the moving part as well. You can move on the grid freely to dodge the attack and choose a better shooting position. Using your power, you can attract objects and items scattered around and use them as weapons to shoot or to throw at enemies. Moreover, it's possible to eliminate many opponents at once by destroying the infrastructure that they are on.

Learn how to utilize all the destroyed parts as entities for throwing later in the game. Are you ready to get your hands on these explosive barrels, blocks, woodchop, falling pieces of the building, and others? It's best if you can weaken the enemy by making their ammunition disperse as this will be one of the most effective tactics.

Once you reach the final stage of each simulation battle, you will go up against the huge bosses with armor and heavy weapons. How can you deflect the upcoming arrows and take the time to perform the power of telekinesis? Gather more scores in other equally cool shooting games such as Blockminer Run Two Player from our list at https://gogy.games/!

Instruction to play:

Attract items using the right mouse, throw using the left mouse, move the mouse cursor to take a look, WASD to move.