Slingshot Jetpack

Controlling the pushing force forward and maneuvering through circles will be the two key elements deciding whether you can win the game of Slingshot Jetpack at Gogy online game 2021 or not! In this arcade shooting game, there will always be a target per level to show how far you need to move as requested.

Overcome such a barrier of requirement and you will be able to move onto the next one in the blink of an eye! Target the bull's eye for the best shot and use it as the final target of your flying journey on the personal jet through the city.

Hitting the bull's eye is one thing, but the overall scores will also depend on how many coins you can gather as you move through the crowded city. Keep an eye on the gloating coins to figure out the limit for the highest and lowest altitude that you should pick. With the correct one, you will be able to overcome the rings that are placed randomly and acted as obstacles.

Estimate the height and force used for shooting so that you can safely move through those rings without coming into contact with any of them to win this game at! Would you like to find out what the hardest level will be? A tip for newbies who are looking for a way to manage their ways in this tough arcade game is to get a grip on the movement of the jetpack so that you can control it better.

The game welcomes players of all ages and backgrounds to come and free themselves with the free and wide movement on air! For more good gaming options with similar themes, go for Monster Truck Stunt Driving Simulation or Patterns Link, all available without any cost!

Instruction to play:

Instructions: Move and dodge the rings using the mouse cursor.